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Starview Communications has been doing satellite installations for over 20 years so we can provide customers, such as yourself, a professional installation of the Starlink satellite equipment, run the cable from the “Dishy” to an inside location and get your new Starlink Internet up and running.

Also, we are a residential & commerical technology solutions provider, so if your property needs a whole home/property Wi-Fi Internet access or a wireless link to another building, we can solve that too!


You get a professional home or commercial Starlink Satellite Internet installation. Hardware costs will be charged separate based on your installation and type of mount required to best optimize your coverage. Please let us know what length of cable and type of mount that was shipped with your dish when you book the install. Most Starlink systems are now being shipped with a 50 ft cable which in some cases may not be long enough for certain installations.

Starlink Install Request

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