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Canada's First 8-Band Cellular Signal Booster now in stock

Fusion Professional 2.0 boosts twice the amount of spectrum (586MHz) over all other signal boosters by adding 3 new frequency bands: 600 MHz (Rural 5G), AWS-3 (Urban 5G), and 2600 (Urban High Capacity) to the existing 5 frequency bands. Boosting these 3 additional data transmission paths ensures maximum connectivity and compatibility for mobile devices on all Canadian cell networks. This booster is a game changer for buildings with weak cell signal. Contact us today for a quote.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Commercial Spaces, Businesses and Home

Staying connected at home and in the workplace is more important than ever with employees using cellular devices rather than company land lines. At Starview Communications we will provide you with the product and expertise to eliminate dead spots within your home or office building and improve connectivity on all cellular devices.

A cell phone signal enhancer is a device that amplifies the long wave radio frequencies nearby and rebroadcasts them so that you don’t have to complain about dropped calls, poor connectivity or slow mobile internet speeds. Every signal amplifier has three important components – the signal amplifier, the internal antenna and the external antenna. Here's how it works.

Every cell phone booster kit comes with an external antenna, which could be an omni antenna or a directional antenna. The directional antenna has to be pointed towards the nearest cell tower but it is more powerful as it can attract signals from great distances. Once it picks up a signal, it sends the signal through to the amplifier so that it can be boosted further.

An amplifier in turn boosts the signal, makes it much bigger in terms of wavelength and sends it to the internal antenna. Most amplifiers are capable of boosting the signal to 50 dB or more.

After the signal is amplified, the internal antenna of the signal extender rebroadcasts the signal so that the cell phone user can access it easily. As a cell phone user, you will be able to get a increased signal, which ensures that you will always stay connected, no matter where you are in the house.

The Best External Directional Antenna Cell Phone Signal Booster Kits.

We sell, install and promote the best external directional antenna cell signal booster kits made by Surecall as well as other brands including Weboost. Surecall is a leading manufacturer of coverage expanders for the Canadian market and work on all Canadian cell carrier networks. They help boost your 3G and 4G LTE data, texting and voice.

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