Satellite Products


For more than 15 years Starview has been servicing the Parkland County area with Satellite TV Solutions.

We have a great selection of dishes, cabling and accessories for most major satellite providers. We also have technicians that can install a new system, relocate or service an existing satellite system.


Tripods, Satellite Finders & Dishes




Increase the amount of receivers you can hook up to a single dish. Available for Shaw Direct and Bell.


Dish Pro Plus Quad LNBF and Shaw Direct LNB

DPP LNB’s are used on Telus & Bell Satellite systems.

Winegard Carry Out Shaw Direct Portable Dish

The Winegard Carryout Portable Satellite TV Antenna designed to receive standard definition Shaw Direct programming. The Carryout antenna lets you enjoy satellite TV in cabins and vacation homes or while RVing, tailgating, camping, hunting or ice fishing. The Carryout is designed for use with Shaw Direct satellite programming and is only for use in Canada.

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