TELUS Fleet Tracker

An easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking solution that provides visibility and insight over your assets and workforce in real-time.


Tackle Common Fleet Issues:

  • Monitor driver behavior; excessive speeding, harsh braking and racing is dangerous and is costing you in maintenance fees and increased fuel consumption.
  • Get insight into your vehicles like never before; MGS150 integrates with your vehicle’s ECM and delivers you important vehicle data.
  • Prolong your vehicle life; recieve instant DTC code alerts and schedule vehicle service before critical breakage occurs.
  • Track the location of your vehicles; know that your assets and your workforce are in the right place all the time.

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The Telus Fleet Tracking system turns field data into actionable business intelligence that will help you make smart decisions and efficiently manage your fleet.

Running a fleet, no matter the size, can be complex, expensive and stressful. Powered by state-of-the-art GPS technology, the Fleet Tracker solution provides you with real-time visibility over your fleet and vehicle diagnostic data to help you drastically reduce fuel, insurance, maintenance and other related costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

Fleet Tracker works by installing an MGS hardware device in the vehicle. The in-vehicle devices can be plugged into the OBD-II/CANBUS, J1939 OR J1708 connections or hardwired into your vehicles and collect important information such as ECM status*, ignition status, battery voltage, DTC Codes*, as well as driver behaviors such as speeding, idling, harsh cornering/braking and rapid acceleration. Knowing the real time location of each of your vehicles, helps dispatchers save fuel by sending the closest driver to the next job. Information about aggressive driving-speeding, harsh breaking, hard cornering-allows managers and owners to coach drivers, minimizing behaviors that lead to fuel waste.

Select the right solutions for your business

Fleet Tracker: Self-Install

  • Better visibility of your fleet, location-based real-time vehicle tracking and reports on driver behavior
  • Built-in GPS antenna, Bluetooth and back-up battery (compatible with HOS)
  • Self-install capable OBD-II/CANBUS connection

Fleet Tracker: PRO

  • Covert GPS antenna, Bluetooth and back-up battery
  • Self-install capable with OBD-II/CANBUS, J1939 or J1708 connections or professionally and covertly hardwired into your vehicles by our certified installer
  • Built-in Bluetooth capability (compatible with HOS)
  • Optional sensors and accessories include: Temperature Sensor, Door Sensor, Driver ID, Emergency Button, PTO sensor, WiFi* and Satellite Failover**

* Coming soon. ** Additional service fee.

Key benefits for your business:

Now you can manage your fleet proactively and respond to your customer needs faster and with increased accuracy. Get more out of your field staff instantly after a simple do-it-yourself installation with plug-and-play solution or a pro installation depending on what problems you want our software to solve.

Get more with less

The TELUS Fleet Tracker also improves your operational efficiencies because you are able to monitor, on your desk lap top, tablet or smart phone, information from the field with our easy-to-use software. When you see what you’ve been missing you can reduce such things as idle time, off hours driving, payroll and paid overtime.

Ecm integration

The MGS150 device connects to your vehicle Engine Control Module through OBD-II/CANBUS, J1939 or J1708 cables and provides your fleet managers accurate vehicle data like True Odometer, DTC Codes, ECM Status and Fuel Consumption. Take full advantage of the DTC Rules and Reporting to improve your vehicle performace and fleet efficiency.

Business tip:

Ask your insurance company about potential cost savings after having GPS modems or asset tags set-up with your vehicles and equipment.

Advanced reporting

Fleet Complete platform provides your business the ability to assess your fleet performance and identify opportunities to improve your fleet efficiency. Our robust Reporting feature offers 25 Operational exportable reports in Excel, PDF, CSV, and other formats. Schedule them on regular basis or run them on-demand and get the detailed data from the field when you need it. Fleet Complete’s live Dashboard and brand new Power Reports provide you the up-to-date comprehensive Business Intelligence to help you take your business to the next level.

Customer testimonial video:

Rosa Flora is a flower producing and delivery company located in south western Ontario. Rosa Flora use TELUS Fleet Tracker to help manage their delivery routes across Canada and the North Eastern US.

Learn how TELUS Fleet Tracker can help optimize routes, provide insightful reporting and improve customer satisfaction. and search Rosa Flora.


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