TELUS Asset Tracker

Ensure your assets are safe, secure, and ready to work.

No matter what business you are in, missing, lost, or stolen mobile equipment, containers, and other assets can cost you time and money.

Monitor the location and status of your company property in the field with our state-of-the-art asset tracking software. Asset Tracker features a rechargeable battery-based hardware device designed to track non-powered or occasionally powered mobile assets. This solution is ideal to track assets such as containers, trailers, bins and other equipment in the field.

In addition to tracking, the Asset Tracker solution also allows you to monitor sensor input such as door open/closed, temperature and fuel levels, which protect the integrity of cargo on trailer, alert users of events that may lead to lost or stolen assets and optimize in-field asset utilization.

Our Asset Tracker (link to asset.doc) protects your business against unforeseen losses, lower insurance costs, and helps you run your organization with confidence.

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Tracking for any asset

  • Transportation equipment: assets that move daily or sit for long periods, such as trailers and shipping containers
  • JJ Mobile office or storage: assets that stay on site for long periods, such as construction offices or storage containers
  • Refrigerated trailers: trailers and containers that require climate control monitoring

  • Unpowered construction or field service equipment: assets that change locations intermittently, such as pumps, compressors, and generators
  • JJ Powered construction equipment: assets that move on site and between sites, such as bobcats, backhoes and cranes

Select the right solutions for your business

Key benefits for your business:

No matter what business you are in, missing, lost or stolen assets can cost you time and money. TELUS Asset Tracker enables you to track and manage your high-value assets; helping you to save money and run your business more effectively. Whether your business uses trailers, containers, construction equipment, or other portable equipment, you’ll always know where your assets are and what they are doing. With additional sensor readings you can be instantly alerted in cases of unauthorized activity, such as open doors, fuel theft, PTO usage.

Rechargable Battery

The AT1000 Series feature a rechargeable battery; the built-in charger enables the device to recharge whenever it is connected to power. The device automatically notifies you of charging activity and battery status via alerts. The AT1000XT has the ability to recharge the battery in subzero temperatures.

Long Battery life

Since the device only transmits when it needs to, activitybased transmission modes maximize battery life, delivering more time in the field and less time in the shop.

Tracking Technology Adapted to Your Needs

Asset Tracker adapts its operation to your asset’s current status; changing transmission modes based on whether your asset is stationary or on the move; alerting you of external activities gathered from digital or analog sensors:

  • Stationary without power: transmits location once a day
  • JJ Stationary with power: transmits location every 4 hours
  • JJ Moving with or without power: starts transmitting on motion after 5 minutes, an continues to transmit every hour until motion stops*
  • JJ Device is tampered with or a significant change in sensor** data values: immediately transmits an alert, along with location and status information
  • * Motion Enabled setting. Frequency of transmission is adjustable.
  • ** Up to 2 sensor connections, digital or analog. Sensors can be purchased separately.


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